CONFIRMED – 568 people illegally came to Britain by small boat in 4 days.

Migrant Crisis English Channel

Today the Home Office announced that more than 500 illegal migrant have crossed the English Channel into Britain by small boat in the last 4 days. 

It was reported on Friday that 19 boats carrying 336 people were taxied into Britain by UK authorities with a further 7 boats carrying 144 illegal migrants into Britain on the Saturday. 

On Sunday there was 17 people and a further 71 people arriving on 3 boats on the Monday. All were brought into the UK by UK authorities

Migration watch brought out a report saying from January to May 16th 2021, 3107 people have come by small boat entering Britain illegally. 

Compared to the same time last year the number of those making the illegal trip into britain has doubled from 1400 people. 

labours shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds has blamed the governments lack of legal routes into Britain for the surge in numbers. 

Nick Said: “This dire situation exposes the reality behind the rhetoric from the Government: a refusal to reopen safe routes or keep to their promises of helping unaccompanied children stranded overseas.”

It wasnt long ago Nigel Farage predicted that 20’000 people would come make the illegal trip by boat into Britain. 

Nigel said: “Let me tell you that, to date, the number that have come illegally across the English, at least the number we know of, is now approaching 3,000.”

“I said this time last year that 5,000 people might come throughout 2020. I was wrong. Completely wrong.”

“The figure was 8,500 and I’m telling you on the current projections this year it is going to be 20,000 people.”

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In response the increase in numbers the homes office say they have stopped 3’600 peolpe from making it to britain this year, with 65 prosecutions this year relating to small boats. 

how do you think the government have been handling the this current crisis? good or Bad? Have your say in the comments below. 

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reten the dirty bastards


get rid of these covid carriers


Something must and should be done to stop this it’s now completely out of control if only they would turn a few boats around wouldn’t it stop others coming it’s us the taxpayers who have to pay for these cowards who should be in their own countries fighting for their families and not scrounging on us