Brexiteer Conservative MP slams Brussels saying the EU have “not come to terms with the fact that the UK is a sovereign and independent country.”

David Jones clashes with Ursula Von Der Leyen

Whitehall official states the UK will be at loggerheads with the EU for years to come unless the EU concedes its refusal to treat Britain as a third sovereign nation. With Britain becoming a far more attractive place to do business, you can guarantee the EU will try its best to pull down Britain to stop companies from leaving the EU.

Even though the EU and UK are said to be working through problems via joint council meetings, so far, stagnation has set in between the two sides around fishing, Finance and Northern Ireland protocol. With tensions rising between the two sides, Britain EU relations minister Lord Frost has told colleagues to not rise to the divisive bait being pushed by Brussels.

Many politicians have spoken out, slamming the EU on their treatment of Britain.

In an interview with the Express newspaper, Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen said: “The fact is the vast majority of the UK population are now seeing the benefits of us being a sovereign, independent nation, and there is no way we’re ever going back.”

“Unfortunately, the EU is still under the misapprehension that we’re some sort of vassal state they can dictate to and have not yet come to terms with the fact that not only have we left the European, but the vast majority of British people are grateful now we’ve left.”

“For their own internal politics, the EU is willing to make irrational and uneconomic decisions that harm themselves – but that’s what we’ve got to come to terms with.”

Former Brexit Minister, Conservative MP and Deputy Chairman of the European Research Group David Jones said: “It’s very clear from the EU’s actions, since the beginning of last year when we left the EU that they’ve not come to terms with the fact that the UK is a sovereign and independent country.”

“Their actions over the Northern Ireland Protocol exemplify that they’re unable or unwilling to understand that they have to talk to the UK on equal terms.”

“For the real zealots in the European Union, the departure of a member is almost like an act of apostasy.”

“As far as they’re concerned, it’s almost a religious commitment, and we have offended, and there’s a feeling that we need to be ostracised if not punished.”

Mr Jone continued, saying: “They also need to defer people from going down the same route.”

“All these are elements that are playing into the relationship at present, and until such time that we get more pragmatic and practical people in the EU, I think it will probably continue.”

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