Protestors against illegal immigration slammed by Conservative Dover MP.

Over the weekend, there were protests in Dover against illegal immigration into England. This protest happened after months of inaction from the government.

Priti Patel has said all the right things, but action to remedy the problem has been slim. After the peaceful protests, the Conservative MP for Dover Natalie Elphicke decided to take to Twitter and slam the protesters.

On Saturday, Ms Elphicke said: “It’s time to stop the small boat crossings, but today’s protestors are not welcome in Dover. We don’t want them here. There’s no excuse for their disruption to trade and our town”.

The protest aimed to get the government’s attention, and they certainly did that with this response from the local MP. Unfortunately, one day of disruption will not stop the migrant crisis. Still, it has brought the spotlight on the dire situation on our border.

What’re you thoughts on this? Do you back the protesters or agree with the MP?

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