DUP leader slams EU commissioner “we have violence on our streets” thanks to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

A question was put to the DUP leader saying what is his alternative to the Northern Ireland Protocol after the EU Commissioner, Ursula Von Der Leyen said: “the protocol is the only possible solution to ensure peace and stability in Northern Ireland.”

Edwin Poots the new DUP leader said in return: “Well, I’m not sure where Ursula Von Der Leyen is looking because we have violence on our streets in Northern Ireland, That hasn’t been the case for years, And that’s on the back of this protocol.”

“And it effects us because the European commission over the years have put their heart and soul into winning peace in Northern Ireland. And the current batch of commissioners don’t seem to care for the peace process in Northern Ireland.”

“And that really needs to change.”

“That attitude needs to change. They are doing demonstrable harm to every individual in Northern Ireland and is having a devastating impact.”

The DUP leader was then asked if article 16 should be triggered by the UK government? 

Mr Poots responded by saying: “we have the grounds to do it”

“All of the criteria can be met and easily met. And remember, the European union triggered article 16 very easily when they wanted to stop vaccinations coming through Northern Ireland to great Britain.”

It is very clear by the statement above that the Northern Ireland Protocol needs to be scrapped with a new system being put in place where checks on good take place away from the border.

Many countries already do these kinds of checks in the EU so smooth transition continues.

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irland needs our help its part of the uk


All the EU, is doing is ( Trying there upmost to Unifying Ireland ) ( That’s it in a Nutshell?) Even our Prime Minister is against keeping Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom. But the Constitution of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, cannot be revoked by Any British Government, even though they have there own devolved Parliaments. This Boris Johnson and his Tyrannous Cabinet have a LOT TO ANWSER TOO. With all their Lies, Deceit and Deception ever since the Last General Election, because they have not Honoured the Will of the Sovereign British People, if anything they have Done the TOTAL OPOSITE, with a Deal that is totally unlawful and against the Constitutional Law and Common Laws of our United kingdom.