Ben Habib warns of “Bloodshed” in Northern Ireland urging Boris to ditch the NI Protocol.

Ben Habib

Ben Habib has spoken out about Northern Ireland, saying that the UK government will eventually have no other option but to scrap Northern Ireland Protocol because it can’t work.

Mr Habib said this crisis in Northern Ireland is all Boris Johnson’s making because he didn’t have to sign up to the agreement. Instead, he could have stood his ground steadfast and fought for a different solution without the current constraints.

Mr Habib told the Express: “Our government is caught between a rock of its false promise not to impose an Irish Sea border and the EU’s contractual hard right to require one.”

“The Prime Minister has no one to blame other than himself. He did not need to agree this.”

“Fortitude, foresight, planning and leadership would have prevented the EU from being able to secure this massive concession.”

“The Protocol and its Irish Sea border will eventually be ditched, even if the PM continues to fail to get a grip of it.”

“In that event, it is likely to be accompanied by bloodshed.”

After Lord Frost met with his EU counterpart, Maros Sefcovic, the UK government gave their responses, saying: “The EU continues to treat the regulatory boundary in the Irish Sea as if it were like any other external EU border, even though there is very limited risk to the single market.”

“This is resulting in reduced availability and choice on supermarket shelves, cancelled deliveries, retailers pulling products, and interference with the movements of pets and parcels.”

“Such sustained disruption is undermining the protocol as a whole.”

It is clear that the EU has done their best to cause as much chaos and commotion to the UK as possible. This should come as no surprise because, after all, the EU did say they wanted Britain to come back to the negotiation table after we left last December, and if we didn’t play ball, then they would orchestrate chaos, and to be fair, they’ve kept to that promise.

Do you agree that Boris needs to grow a backbone and start vigorously defend Britain?

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defiatley irland is part of the uk and should be protected


We should tell the EU what we think of the N.I Protocol and Get Boris to enforce it.NOW