“We will be coming after you” 14 Arrests made after Greater Manchester Police cracked down on organised crime gangs who exploited Children and Vulnerable adults.

In an effort to tackle country lines, Greater Manchester Police made 14 arrests. In a statement Detective Inspector Julie Adams from GMP’s Public Protection Serious Crime Division said: “The results from this week of action speak volumes and highlight our commitment to tackling organised crime and protecting the most vulnerable members of our society.”

“Victims of exploitation often aren’t what meets the eye, so I would encourage everyone to know the signs to look out for, and make a report if you have any suspicions. You really could be a lifeline for a victim and help people realise there is a way out, and support is very much available.”

“Lastly, I would like to add that I hope this sends a clear message to gangs operating across any district in Greater Manchester, and also those who are sending children and young people into our districts. We work closely with forces across the country and continue to share intelligence with one another.”

“Our message is clear; while exploitation of children and vulnerable adults is taking place, we will be coming after you.”

Date published: 27 May 2021 Photo: Greater Manchester Police The 14 arrests by Greater Manchester Police come as part of National Week of Action to help tackle County Lines Fourteen people have been arrested in Greater Manchester as over £7,000 worth of Class A drugs have been seized in a crackdown on organised crime gangs exploiting children and vulnerable adults.

Source: 14 arrested in crackdown on organised crime gangs exploiting children and vulnerable adults

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