Ireland is Furious – Norway put its fishermen first, taking back control of its Mackerel fishing quotas with a 50% increase. EU say it’s ‘Not acceptable!’

Charlie McConalogue, Dublin’s Mnister for Agriculture isn’t happy after Norway decided to take back control of it’s Mackerel quota increasing it by over 50%.

Charlie McConalogue said: “This declaration by Norway to hugely increase its fishery for mackerel is a direct threat to the sustainabil quaity of the mackerel fishery and the future of the Irish pelagic fishing industry.”

“There is no justification for this unilateral, opportunistic and unsustainable move.”

“This is all the more disappointing because it undermines the critically important arrangements for joint management of mackerel by the Coastal States under the UN structure.”

“As the scientific advice sets the sustainable level of fishing each year on mackerel, an increase by Norway means either the stock is overfished or other parties must take a smaller share.”

“Neither option is acceptable.”

IRELAND’S Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine has hit back at Norway after it announced it would give itself a 55 percent increase of mackerel stock in 2021.

Source: EU panic: Ireland furious as Norway makes huge seizure of fish quota – ‘Not acceptable!’

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