Barnier warns of consequences being applied to Britain unless they keep to the Northern Ireland protocol agreement.

With UK and EU relations on the rocks, former EU Chief Brexit Negotiator has a go at Britain, warning of consequences for not following the agreement signed back in December.

Barnier said: “This failure to respect the agreement on Northern Ireland and the trade agreement will have consequences.

“The British should be very careful. The most serious [part of the agreement] is Ireland where it is not a question of trade, of goods but peace.”

In response to this, the UK government said: “The Commission refuses to recognise the impact that the current operation of the protocol is having in Northern Ireland.

“All they want is to prioritise the protection of their single market and treat the regulatory boundary as if it were like any other external EU border.

“They [the EU and Michel Barnier] should be ashamed of themselves.

Barnier then threatens Britain with an increase in Tariffs unless the French Fishermen got their licenses to fish in British waters.

Barnier said: “The French fishermen are right. They are asking that we respect this agreement and that we give them the licenses they need in the Channel and around Jersey.

“The British are increasing the constraints.”

“We can prevent British fishermen from coming to fish in our waters, we can restore tariffs, we can suspend the agreement.”

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the bbc lies about many things to make themselfs look good but when the truth is exposed only shoes that the bbc must go they are anti white and liars we dont want this rubbish bbc anymore