Remainers are freaking out after GB News chief states he’s going to “expose those who act in the worst interests of the UK.”

It looks like the Remainers and those who have worked against the interests of the United Kingdom are wetting themselves after it was said that GB News would make it their duty to “conduct special enquiries to expose those who act in the worst interests of the UK.”

This statement was posted on LinkedIn and continued, saying: “We will also drive critical campaigns: one could be calling for a public enquiry into certain MPs, members of the Lords and civil servants who acted against the UK and in favour of a foreign entity (the EU) during the Brexit years.

“Many of our target audience wish to see this enquiry happen.” This station certainly has our support if this is what they are aiming to do.

The claim was made on LinkedIn by Andrew Cole, who created the new channel alongside Mark Schneider. Earlier today GB News announced it will launch at 8pm on Sunday 13th June. Andrew Neil, the company’s chair, argued it’s needed as the British media has become “too metropolitan, too southern and too middle-class”.

Source: GB News chief declares war on Remainers who acted ‘in favour of the EU’

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we aready know the worst people who are supposed to have the worst intests for the uk its just proving it cos there so many liars in this country


When we take a deep look at Both Houses of Parliament even before the Referendum to Leave the EU, Totally, and the Tyranny, Deceit and Deception, with the Lords and Commons, have both worked against the Sovereign British people and the Constitutional Law, and the Common Laws of these United Kingdom’s. Both Houses think that they are not expendable and above the Law. The political System in parliament must be Reformed, and to make sure that all the MPs and Lords are made accountable for their Actions against the Sovereign people for their Treasonous actions by keeping the UK, in the EU. The Westminster Bubble is about To Burst. We the Sovereign People have the Constitutional Right to put all the MPs and Lords on Notice, and as our elected representatives MPs. you were given a JOB to do? In 2016 that job was to ensure we LEAVE THE EUROPEAN UNION. Nearly all of the MPs and Lords overwhelmingly voted to Invoke Article 50 in march 2017, Leave means Leave Period, There are no half measures and as the Sovereign people hold the Ultimate Authority and the Sovereignty, not Parliament. And Both Houses of Parliament have used every disreputable parliamentary trick in the book to disavow the Will of the Sovereign People. And it has been Noted that all the MP’s who try to stop the UK Leaving totally and forcing the UK to be locked into the EU, against the Sovereign People’s Ultimate Decision and No DEAL whatsoever, and the Deal that Parliament has sanctioned is Un-Constitutional and un-Lawful. and stopping all the payments of Billions of Pounds to the EU.

Fred Barnard

Where do you start?

We have white people afraid to walk on the streets because it appears only Black Lives Matter. Their protests are all over the TV networks and other protests are not even mentioned never mind shown.

Ex forces personnel are living on the streets when illegal immigrants are accommodated at the tax-payers expense after being escorted into our ports and then defended using, again, tax-payers money to stop their deportation by whatever means.

Television programmes are full of BLM and accusations of the British public being inherently racist. If white people defend themselves in argument then they are obviously racist.

We have immigrants, both legal and illegal, in communities but not integrating within those communities. An elderly white Christian preacher is dragged from his little rostrum whilst preaching from the Bible and arrested whilst an Islamic Imam is allowed to amplify his “messages” from, I think, Tower Bridge using PA systems without being arrested.

It all seems a bit lob-sided and surely the public will soon react to all of this.

Jackie Robertson

All I want is my country back but not the one that government globalist elite has turned it into, or the one spoken about by the msm but the real one that was England.


Please start with the Financial Times and Channel 4 News. Both are blatantly working with the EU against the UK. The FT only prints anti UK articles and presses home EU propaganda. The proof was in the former FT editor receiving a medal from the EU for coverage during Brexit. It is obvious that they are working behind the scenes with the EU, and trying to hurt the UK. It is unbelievable that people would try and hurt their own country! Things need to change