Priti Patel hits out at UK protesters preventing deportation of migrants

With Priti Patel getting more frustrated over the number of protesters and lawyers stopping those who have come to Britain illegally from being removed, Priti has promised to come down hard with “Wholesale reform” of the UK’s Immigration System. 

In a statement, Priti said: “People across the country do not want their communities and way of life to change beyond recognition and yet acknowledging this is not to be anti-immigration,”

“For those on the left who have the audacity to think they own the issue of race and immigration, let me make one thing absolutely clear: they do not, nor do they speak for the silent majority who look to their government to establish appropriate controls on who comes to and settles in the UK.”

Priti said talking about migration numbers had long been “met with derision and scorn by some parts of the political class”.

“Far too many politicians were indifferent to public opinion about this issue, and too many were happy to assert that even raising the topic of immigration was racist,”

“It is a fact that successive governments have failed to control migration, and there are a whole number of reasons as to why.”

We’ve heard a lot of rhetoric from the Home Secretary. We haven’t seen much movement in enforcing heavy border controls on those who want to take advantage of Britains immigration system. with this be the turning point for Priti Patel? 

Britain’s Home Secretary Priti Patel has criticised protesters for stopping deportations while promising to deliver “wholesale reform” of the UK’s immigration system. In a speech on Monday, Ms Patel pledged to overhaul immigration rules to attract more migrants that are skilled, crack down on people smugglers and tighten UK security through a “fully digital border”.

Source: Priti Patel hits out at UK protesters preventing deportation of migrants

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