FAILED OPPOSITION – Labour attempts to jump on the Cummings bandwagon after previously attacking him. 

It wasn’t long ago Labour wanted to see the back of Cummings, but now he’s come out slamming Matt Hancock Labour are trying to jump on the Cummings bandwagon. Cummings has exposed how bad Labour has been as an opposition, hence why Labour is trying to make a gain on the current situation.

Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner has been challenged over Labour’s stance following Dominic Cumming’s bombshell revelations regarding the Government’s coronavirus strategy. Ms Rayner attacked the Government’s handling of the pandemic on BBC Radio 4 in the wake of the former Downing Street advisor’s explosive testimony to MPs on Wednesday.

Source: BBC host puts Angela Rayner on the spot as Labour changes tune on Dominic Cummings

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they have nothing better to do is complain moan


deport the imigrants and arrest the protesters for distracting the goverment for doing thier job