BOTTLED IT – Starmer goes on Piers Morgan Life Stories to connect with people and refuses to answer 14 times if he had ever taken drugs.

With Starmer getting smashed in the last election, he made it his mission to try and connect with people. His first port of call was to go onto Piers Morgan Life Stories to see if people could connect with his life story. It only transpires that Starmer refused to answer questions 14 times over whether he had ever taken drugs. Now I know it’s a personal question to ask if you have taken drugs or not, but you don’t go onto a show like that if you are unwilling to answer those tough questions.

PIERS MORGAN had to ask Sir Keir Starmer 14 times if he had ever done drugs, with the Labour leader refusing to give a straight answer to the broadcaster.

Source: ‘Haven’t said no’ Starmer refuses 14 times to tell Piers Morgan if he has ever taken drugs

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starmer is usless and tinks he is better than everyone els just cos he has sir infront of his name he is just like everyone els no better and not special