People traffickers upgrade to bigger boats to gain higher profits from migrants crossing the English Channel heading for Britain. 

With our southern borders wide open, and no one being returned after they make it to Britain illegally, People traffickers have now seen this as a green light to buy bigger boats. This is a catastrophe for the UK government.

People traffickers are now ramping up their operations as the weather gets warmer and seas get calmer. Estimations of those who may come to Britain illegally across the English Channel are currently around 20’000 people.

Criminals are upgrading to bigger boats to bring more migrants into Britain and exploit high profit margins from low-risk smuggling operations, UK investigators have said. More than 3,000 people have reportedly crossed the Channel from northern Europe to the UK in 2021, double the number that tried during the same period last year.

Source: Cross-Channel people traffickers upgrade to bigger boats in quest for higher profit

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