Ex-police officer jailed for 29 years after child sexual abuse offences but could be released after 14 years.

A former police officer and Children’s football coach has been arrested for 40 charges of sexual assault related to 15 victims. Stephen Henry Walker, 68, was convicted in the first trial of 33 accounts of sexual assault and a further 7 accounts in the second trial.

Altogether he got 29 years for the sexual assaults that took place over 40 years. Though the assaults mainly took place in Britain, he did assault others in France and Malta. His victims were mostly young boys, but 2 girls did come forward.

It’s said he’ll have to serve 14 years before he can apply for parole. In reality, he could get out after serving only half his sentence.

Former children’s football coach Stephen Henry Walker, 68, sentenced for offences against 15 victims A former police officer and children’s football coach convicted of multiple counts of sexual abuse of children over more than four decades has been sentenced to 29 years in jail.

Source: Ex-police officer jailed for 29 years for child sexual abuse offences

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