Citizens group threaten to take the UK Government to court unless EU Citizens right are protected in the UK.

A group called “the Independent Monitoring Authority for the Citizens” in the UK, lead by Sir Ashley Fox, has sent a shot across the bow at the Home Office saying that they will take the government to court unless EU citizens rights are protected in the UK.

Its all well and good to protect EU citizens right in the UK, but when the EU themselves make it hard for British citizens living in the EU, why should the UK reciprocate kindly.

The EU bang on constantly about respecting and honouring the Brexit agreement, yet for some reason, the EU seem to choose a pick and mix stance when it suits the EU. Just look at when they tried to invoke article 16 to slam the borders shut in Northern Ireland after saying for years there should not be a hard border. Those in Brussels have one aim: to sabotage the UK due to leaving the EU.

Speaking this week, the chairman of the Independent Monitoring Authority for the Citizens’ Rights Agreements (IMA) revealed any public body or Government department which breaks the agreement will be taken to court. Sir Ashley Fox, the head of the body launched to protect EU citizens’ rights , issued a threat to the Home Office this week.

Source: ‘We mean business!’ EU citizens’ group issues warning to UK – Brexit deal MUST be obeyed

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why cant the eu just p off