Is Britain too soft on terror suspects?

On Talk Radio, Patrick Christys asked this straightforward question “Is Britain too soft on terror suspects?”

This question is undoubtedly a hot topic after it was the anniversary of the Manchester Arena Bombing last Saturday. The people involved with that were on the terror watch list yet were still able to do such hideous acts of terror against small children and families watching a concert.

What and how should we handle those who are a threat to Britain?


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tes of course this country is much to soft on terror which is why they do it againcos they get off with terrorist charges to be released early to do itagain

June Sherburn

Why are we so soft on Terrorists, is there an agenda, The government are allowing all these illegal immigrants to come here from France and we don’t know if any of them are potential Terrorists, Thousands of illegal immigrants have arrived here from the Channel passing through other Countries to get to England they could be Rapists, Terrorists, Murderers or child Molesters, When is this going to end, I now wish I’d never Voted for Boris Johnson he’s just like the rest of the politicians none of them LISTEN to the Electorate.


@ June Sherburn ….. if you think voting for Boris was a mistake, give your head a wobble and think what it would have been like with an anti-British, anti-patriotism, anti-white, pro-EU, pro-Muslim, pro-BAME, pro-BLM, virtue-signalling, woke, racist party like Labour in charge.
Yes, seriously, give your head a wobble.