France orders the UK not to mess with Northern Ireland protocol.

Britain needs to stop taking its orders from Brussels and start to fight back against the EU and its member’s states like France, who are throwing their weight around hoping it damages the functioning and breaking up the UK.

For too long, we have been too soft and too close to the EU. Brussels need to feel the burn as well because so far, it’s all been one way.

France’s European affairs minister has warned Britain not to play games with special post-Brexit trading rules for Northern Ireland, as fears rise of a summer of violence in the province. Speaking in The Hague on Saturday, Clement Beaune urged London to be “responsible” over the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol, which keeps the province in the EU’s single market and customs union despite the UK’s departure from the bloc. “We cannot accept that there is political game with such a sensitive issue,” Beaune said in an interview following talks with the Dutch foreign minister. “This is a central piece of European stability, you cannot play with this.

Source: France warns UK not to ‘play’ with Northern Ireland Brexit deal

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June Sherburn

I am sick to the back teeth of Micro man he has caused so many problems, why doesn’t he look after his own Country there’s been more trouble in France than most other Countries, he’s another one who causes his own voters more angst than anywhere else, get Macro man out.