Ben Habib – Unless we diverge from the EU rules, we will not be able to complete a full trade deal with Australia.

With many in the Tory Cabinet arguing over the Australian deal, Former Brexit party MEP Ben Habib has said the cause of all this wrangling was the Brexit deal Boris signed in 2019. 

Ben Habib told the Express: “Liz Truss has done a brilliant job rolling over trade agreements with countries which previously had deals with the EU. But her successes are limited to rollovers of EU deals.”

“The proposed trade agreement with Australia would have been her first genuine new trade deal. It was her first test of a post-Brexit British trade policy. The reason for our failing to reach terms with Australia is because a genuinely free trade deal would require diverging from EU regulations.”

“The UK Government fears divergence. It does so because the Withdrawal Agreement and Trade and Cooperation Agreement tie us into the EU’s regulatory framework. Divergence would come at a heavy price.”

“Diverge from these and we would find ourselves having sanctions levied upon us. These would be levied ahead of any arbitration process had reached a decision – highly unusual and penal.”

“The second price would be as a result of the Northern Ireland Protocol. The greater the divergence of Great Britain from the EU, the more pronounced would the border in the Irish Sea become. At the moment, the Government is under considerable pressure to completely adopt EU food standards.”

“That would be the only way to mask the main trade impact of Boris’s Irish Sea border. But do that and bang would go a trade deal with Australia.”

“In fact, bang would go an independent trade policy, and deals with very nearly all, if not all, of the UK’s natural trading partners, including most importantly the United States of America.”

BORIS Johnson’s “lousy” Withdrawal Agreement is the root cause of all the wrangling over a proposed trade deal with Australia, former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib has warned.

Source: Boris Johnson is ‘caught in the EU’s web’ – his 15-year schedule will kill Australia deal

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