CONSERVATIVE MP SLAMS THE EU- It’s clear the EU wants to “annex Northern Ireland away” from the UK. It’s what they’ve always wanted.

Conservative MP, Mr Bridgen, has opened up about Ireland being used to go after Britain in an interview with Express Newspaper. Mr Bridgen said: “Lord Frost has a terrible job on his hands and he’s trying to get the EU to agree to a spirit of the deal.”

“He is trying to sort problems and minimise disruption when the EU actually wants to make the protocol as disruptive as possible.”

“The idea was that this joint committee was supposed to sort out all these minor problems and make it smoother.”
“And constantly use the Northern Ireland protocol as a stick to beat the UK.”

“It’s just clear the EU wants to annex Northern Ireland away from us, which is what they always wanted.”

“I think the Republic of Ireland had been used as a pawn in the new Brexit negotiations and I think the attempted implementation of Article 16 over the vaccines shows the complete disregard for the Irish border.” “The Republic of Ireland served that purpose for the EU, and they were quite happy to throw them to the wolves.”


Relations have remained tense between the UK and EU due to the issues over trade in Northern Ireland . Although Lord David Frost has moved to put forward a plan to ease relations in Northern Ireland, Andrew Bridgen Tory MP for North West Leicestershire, warned Ireland is being used to pressure the UK.

Source: EU’s Brexit revenge plot: Ireland used as ‘pawn’ to ‘beat Britain’ and tear UK apart

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