BBC STORM CONTINUES – BBC monitoring journalist writes disgusting anti-semitic post.

In a week that has rocked the BBC after it was found the broadcaster had misled Princess Diana and the broader public through deceit, another storm is brewing.

The Spectator has today outed a member of the BBC who has been “closely involved in the Beeb’s recent coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict”.

The Spectator article states that a lady that goes by the name of Tala Halawa tweeted back in 2014, during the last major conflict between Israel and Palestine, that “Israel was more Nazi than Hitler! Oh, Hitler was right IDF go to hell. Pray for Gaza”

When Steerpike from The Spectator pushed a question to the BBC regarding this person working for them, “the BBC declined to provide a comment”.

Why are we, the taxpayer paying the wages for people with such horrific views?

It has not been a happy week for the BBC. The corporation has spent the last three days grappling with the fall out from Lord Dyson’s damning report into the Martin Bashir affair and Prince William’s angry response . Now a fresh controversy has blown up in the BBC Monitoring unit.

Source: BBC journalist: ‘Hitler was right’

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