Labour councillor suspended over anti-Semitic hatred outburst towards Israelis.

With the Labour Party trying to be everything to everyone, they seem to be caught up with racial hatred in their party. The Labour Party claims that they are not against any communities, but it seems fair game on the UK Jewish community in their party.

This isn’t helped when the Labour Party MPs turn up to protests supporting one side of the conflict preaching divisive comments to a raging crowd. Though this man has been suspended, he hasn’t been expelled. No doubt he will be welcomed back into Labour with open arms soon enough.


Rick Moore, Deputy Chairman (Political) of Blackburn Conservative Association, said the comments “seem to be clearly anti-Semitic in nature, comparing the Israeli people to animals which is clearly unacceptable.

Source: Labour councillor suspended over anti-Israeli outburst

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ha ha ha labour are no longer for the people