After a damning report, Ex-BBC Director General Tony Hall resigns as National Gallery boss.

With Lord Tony Hall today resigning as chair of the National Gallery, he states he’s doing it to take responsibility due to misleading the public 25 years ago with the Princess Diana interview.

Tony said: “I have today resigned as chair of the National Gallery.”
“As I said two days ago, I am very sorry for the events of 25 years ago, and I believe leadership means taking responsibility.”

If he is to take full responsibility for what happened, he should also voluntarily kick himself out of the House of Lords and hand in his title. Only then will we consider your apology. You shouldn’t be able to reap privileges after deliberately misleading the public. Do you agree?

EX-BBC chief Lord Hall has resigned as chairman of the National Gallery after being slated in an inquiry into Martin Bashir’s interview with Princess Diana.

Source: Ex-BBC Director General Tony Hall resigns as National Gallery boss after damning report

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