Prince William rightly slams the BBC for their substandard reporting of facts “You not only let my mother down, and my family down, They let the pubic down too. “

After the BBC was found to have been engaging in “deceitful behaviour” regarding the Princess Diana interview, renewed calls for the BBC to be defunded has gained traction on social media.

Prince William, in his statement a called out the BBC for deceiving, lying and using fake documents to gain the interview with his mother. Not only that, the BBC used fake news claims to spread fear and paranoia in the Royal Family. 

In the statement, the BBC also covered up internal investigation findings into the program and how the interview was obtained. 

Prince William didn’t hold back as he said not only was he extremely saddened by these finding, but they not only “let my mother down, and my family down. They let the pubic down to.”

The response to Prince Williams statement was vast, with a majority calling for action against the BBC with it being defunded.

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