Tory MP for Romford wants to “take back control”, freeing themselves from Khan’s interference.

In a plea to take back control from Khan’s disastrous handling of London, Tory MP for Romford has set up a campaign so Romford can “take back control” from Khan.

The Tory MP said: “The Prime Minister will understand that Havering, just like Hillingdon, is located on the outskirts of London and has very different needs and aspirations from those in the core area of the city.

“My borough still prides itself as part of Essex, and I know that he does as part of historic Middlesex.

“Whilst we need cooperation on things like transport, will he accept that it is time for wholesale reform for the way London and the entire region is governed and support my campaign to allow boroughs like Havering to take back control from the Mayor and City Hall interference, allowing Havering and outer boroughs to make decisions that best meet the needs of local people.”

Mr Johnson replied: “I can understand the feelings of frustration that the people of Havering may feel about a current Mayor of London who does not understand the needs of outer London, who is not as invested in outer London as a previous mayor did, which I seem to recall setting up the fund and drove through many other benefits for the other boroughs.”

He added: “We must work together for when the day returns, we have a mayor that represents all Londoners.”

Is it any wonder why small towns around London want to steer clear from Khan, especially after focusing on bringing down statues and forcing identity politics upon people?

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come on romford take back control and get rid of kahn