“SERIOUS BREACH” French fishing vessel caught fishing illegally in a protected area in Jersey waters.

The row between Britain and France has been intensified after the French were caught fishing illegally in a protected area in Jersey waters.

Government officials in Jersey state that fishing licenses were given out last week with strict instruction to not fish in the protected areas, but that didn’t a Normandy registered vessel based in Granville from fishing the area in what’s now been reported as a “serious breach” of the rules.

Deputy Gregory Guida, Jersey’s Assistant Environment Minister, has now sent a letter to the European Union to lodge a serious complaint about illegal fishing in an environmentally protected area.

In a statement from the minister – “We issued licences to French boats at the beginning of this month with new conditions.”

“Those included the nature and extent of their fishing – where they fish, how they fish and what they fish for – and also two environmental conditions: to protect an area where bream reproduce and to limit the quantity of dredging gear that a boat can pull.”

“But the French administration then told their fishermen that the licences were null and void and they could go wherever they wanted whenever they wanted.”

“The problem is that this boat was probably thinking it was acting in good faith, following the rules set out by its own department, but it was illegal in Jersey.”

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Then cancel all their licences and don’t renew them.


the french are pathetic and greedy just likee brussels