SHOCKING REVELATION IN COURT – Ben Habib reveals Article 6 of the Act of UNION of 1800 had been repealed by the UK government to “get Brexit done.”

In a shocking revelation it seems that the UK government had repealed Article 6 of the act of Union of 1800 “to get Brexit done”.

During a Judicial Review of the Northern Ireland Protocol, which is currently being heard in the High Court of Northern Ireland in Belfast, it was found that the government would not contest the claims that Article 6 of the act of Union 1800 was breached to pass the NI Protocol.

Podcast – Ben Habib take U.K. Government to court of a breach of article 6 of the Act of Union 1800.

In a message to backers of this court action Ben Habib said:

“I have been listening to the final stages of our hearing.

“Perhaps the most striking thing was the Government not seemingly to contest that Article 6 of the Act of Union 1800 had been breached. 

“Instead, it has been arguing that the Withdrawal Agreement Act impliedly repealed Article 6.”

“The Government arguing that this article, of critical constitutional importance, was impliedly repealed by the Withdrawal Agreement Act is an admission that it wilfully and knowingly broke the union of the United Kingdom.

“The implications of this admitted action are wide ranging.

“None of them good, to put it mildly. I was shocked.”

Article 6 states: “That it be the sixth article of union, that his Majesty’s subjects of Great Britain and Ireland shall, from and after the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and one, be entitled to the same privileges, and be on the same footing as to encouragements and bounties on the like articles, being the growth, produce, or manufacture of either country respectively, and generally in respect of trade and navigation in all ports and places in the united kingdom and its dependencies; and that in all treaties made by his Majesty, his heirs, and successors, with any foreign power, his Majesty’s subjects of Ireland shall have same the privileges, and be on the same footing as his Majesty’s subjects of Great Britain.”

The Government has now been contacted by the Express for a statement regarding this finding. So far no response has been given and the Mainstream Media is staying silent on the issue.

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ok we are out thats final no more stupid excuses


if nothing was done long ago then its too late

Paul Wilson

Scotland can’t tolerate this. The union is over!