Irish Taoiseach attacks Britain, saying Brexit was a “‘Major Step Backwards” with “no upside” whatsoever.

You can always rely on the Irish PM to constantly kissing the backside of his master Eurocrats regardless of how they treat the Irish People. The Irish PM has been likened to “‘Alice in wonderland” after his deluded speech about the benefits of being in the EU.

The man who pulled up the Irish PM, former diplomat Ray Bassett made his remarks after the Taoiseach celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Ireland in a Changing European Union. The Irish PM praised the EU as a bright beacon while he slammed the “Anti-EU rhetoric” of Brexiteers, stating Brexit was a “‘Major Step Backwards” with “no upside” whatsoever.

Mr Bassett slams the Irish PM, saying: “On relations with the UK, Martin never mentions that Ireland’s unhelpful position in Brexit made it much more difficult and destroyed the pro-EU section of the Tory party.

“The whole speech is full of delusions and half-truths.”

“It is sad to hear the head of a democratic Government preach for the need to strip further powers away from national Governments to Brussels, even making the ludicrous claim that the EU organised vaccine rollout was a tremendous success.”

“Martin extols the virtues of democracy but fails to point out that the EU is not a democratic institution, the most powerful body is the unelected Commission which alone can propose new laws.”

“He even proposes transferring more financial resources from Ireland to the EU.”
“This would leave less for domestic purposes such as housing, pensions, health, etc.”

“Martin heaps praise on the euro even though it was responsible for the financial crash in Ireland. He seems to inhabit a form of Alice in Wonderland world.”

What’re your thoughts? Is the Irish PM deluded in his over the top praise of the EU?

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