Keir Starmer questions Boris on why the Borders are still open with India, when we are fighting the Indian Variant in the UK?

In a clash of words between Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer, Keir brings up a great question that many of us want answering.

If the spread of the Indian Variant could hinder the Roadmap to Freedom on June 21st, then why do we still have our borders open to India. It a logical question that we still don’t have answers to.

Not only should our borders be shut to India if its as bad as the government are letting on, but our southern border along the Kent coast needs to be secure, stopping illegal migrant from getting into Britain.

The only problem Keir Starmer has is that he previously criticised Boris on closing borders to other countries, so with that he does still keep the title of “Captain Hindsight”

What’re your thoughts on this? Was it the right question to ask?

Have your say in the comments.

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starmer is right this time the boarders should be cloed and stop india coming in with the covid virus


how can boris reopen everything and at the same time keep the boarders open while there is an indian strain beig bout intothis country its pathetic the idiot should close all boarders


Boarders? What has Covid got to do with Indian lodgers.