ULTIMATUM – Boris refuses to give in on Fishing rules in exchange for a financial services deal with the EU. “Political Games” are being played.

With rows heating up between the UK and the French around fishing licenses, the French are now blocking a post-Brexit UK financial services deal in order to get there way on fishing rights in the English Channel.

A UK government source said the EU were playing “a political game” when it comes to trying to secure a post Brexit trade deal on UK financial services. They are weaponising the frustrations around fishing to prevent any further progress on financial services. 

The government source said: “There is no or little cooperation between Brussels and London on this matter, there needs to be.”

“It seems to be a political game due to fishing issues.

“We want to agree on a deal but the EU needs to cooperate right away.”

This response from the UK came after the EU Financial Chief said there was “No Rush” to sort out a financial services deal with the UK. 

What’re your thoughts on this? How should Boris counter the “No Rush” position from the EU. 

Have your say in the comments.

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the french are nothing but touble our fishermen our waters sod them they are acting like big babies