LBC Iain Dale states you are “Selfish” and “Need your head read” if you don’t have the vaccine.

In a provocative rant, Iain Dale on LBC states anyone who doesn’t take the vaccine “‘for whatever reason” is “selfish”. Iain says that those who choose not to have the vaccine are “Selfish”, and those over 50 years old who haven’t taken the vaccine for whatever reason “need their head read”.

Considering Iain once stood to be an MP for the Conservatives, it’s a blessing that this liberal authoritarian presenter isn’t in a job of power in Westminster. It’s a very dangerous slope to go down when you try and place people against each other over who has and haven’t had the vaccine. We’ve had enough division in this country, and we don’t need media personalities like this, dividing people even more.

As a person who had a vaccine once said to me. “If you want it, take it. I’ve taken it, as it’s my own choice. Each to their own.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think Iain Dale overstepped the mark with this rant, or do you agree with him? Leave your comments below.

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keith nicholls

when do you become in charge of my dissions

Paul Mounter

I dont care if I hert your way of thinking but if I were to have a Virus that could kill you and you caught it. Would you be happy when you see the grim reaper waighting at the door for you. So who gave you permission to over ride my dission?