Keir Starmer’s New Progressive Britain website accuses the Conservatives of setting up ‘culture wars’.

Labour, To find new ideas, has launched a new website called Progressive Britain. The website was launched by Labour Leader Keir Starmer after two think tanks closely associated with Tony Blair were dissolved and replaced with this new concept. 

After Labour got an absolute roasting at the last local election, the website was launched to help Labour find a new direction and new ideas. 

The mission statement from Progressive Britain states they want the “revival of progressive social democracy” in Britain. 

The site onto use to read: “We think that Labour and the centre-left require fundamental reconstruction. We have to stop taking for granted that voters will stick with Labour because of ancestral loyalties. And we can’t get drawn into Conservative attempts to create ‘culture wars’, division and competition between different parts of the country.”

Keir’s new website claims that “Disruptive forces, from technological change and automation to the climate emergency, undermine social cohesion and threaten levels of poverty and inequality not seen in years.”

Keir tries to recreate Labour by attacking the Tories.

“Political, social and economic instability has led to polarisation and the growth of xenophobic nationalism and extremism.”

The Labour website wants to creat “the vision of an open, tolerant and progressive Britain, anchored in the radical centre-left of politics, might be lost for a generation.”

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