BRILLIANT – Ian Paisley Jr DESTROYS BBC Presenter live on air after mocking the DUP leaders Christian faith. “you wouldn’t do that if he was a Muslim”.

In a TV gold moment, Ian Paisley Jr unleashed a can of truth and fired the lot at the BBC Presenter after the BBC mocked the new DUP leader for his Christian beliefs.

Ian didn’t hold back as he said: “I am reminded of the Frank Skinner line. You can be anything in Britain today except a Christian.
“I mean, that seems to be the issue. The BBC want to lambast the man because he happens to be a man of faith.”
“They want to take the mickey out of his religion.”

“You wouldn’t do that if he was a Muslim, you wouldn’t do that if he was any other religion in the United Kingdom.
“But you can take the mickey out of his Christian faith.
“You should be ashamed of yourselves!
“The BBC should be ashamed of themselves for starting from that position.”

“Because I think people are entitled to have a view.
“Now, he has never been in a position where you would try and force his religion down your throat or anyone else’s throat.
“He would not allow those things to get in the way of how he engages with policy and policymaking.”
“He is entitled to be the leader, and he is entitled to his faith.”

Well said, Ian Paisley and outstanding work in showing up the BBC presenter.

Ian Paisley Jr DESTROYS BBC Presenter live on air.

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bloody dirty muslims he was right to destroy muslims

Dave Brotherston

we live in a Christian country whether we practice it or not, we cannot practice such faith in other countries so why do we tolerates theirs in ours?


If you want to try and destroy hundreds of years of OUR faith get out your guns (you already have the knives out) and let’s get to it. See how you fare then sunshine.