Labour MP’s silent on disgusting rape threat towards Jewish women by Pro Palestinian supporters in London.

Today a video has gone viral on social media showing a group of cars pulling up at the traffic lights in London waving the flag of Palestine while threatening rape on Jewish women.

There has been a pouring of outrage on social media, but the pouring of outrage from Labour MP’s who have been out attending Pro Palestine protest this weekend has been missing.

Their silence is deafening, and this incitement towards Jewish women should be called out and dealt with accordingly.

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we need our country back it was never this bad before sadiqe kahns muslim invadders taking over our country labour lovig imigrants the woke party against whites it was the labour party who invited these animals into this country to take everything we have labour used to be for the white working class not anymore they are the party of black lovers


simple eveyone shoul live in thier own country of birth