BRILLIANT RANT – “If you go woke, you go broke”

With yesterday’s result shaking the Labour Party to its foundations, here is a podcast rant that strikes to the heart on why Labour has destroyed itself. Labours divisive politics, dividing people into sections of society, and driving a wedge between people by using the woke agenda isn’t working.

People are sick to the back teeth of this self-hatred of everything British being forced upon us by the left, where we are made to feel ashamed of being British, its heritage, its traditions, its history and if you’re not, then your somehow a racist. People have had enough, and yesterday Hartlepool sent that message straight to the Labour Party hierarchy by voting them out.

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labour are anti white racists and never listen to the people and just go ahead and do whiat the real genuine people want no black s no imigration and no giing imigrants our money and our homes and what about the vets they are the ones saved us and they are pushed aside for labours own selfs