Labour leader preparing for a crushing defeat in Hartlepool. Starmer states he’ll take “full responsibility” for the Hartlepool By-Election outcome.

In the coming Hartlepool by-election, Labour leader Keir Starmer states he’ll take “full responsibility” for the By-Election outcome. 

Starmer said: “I hope we won’t lose Hartlepool. We are fighting for every vote there. I know that every vote has to be earned,” 

On BBC Radio 4′s Today programme, Starmer said: “I said on the day that I was elected (Labour leader) that it was a mountain to climb. It is, we are climbing it, and I’ve got a burning desire to build a better future for our country.

“I don’t think anybody realistically thought that it was possible to turn the Labour Party round from the worst general election result since 1935 to a position to win the next general election within a period of one year.

“It was always going to take longer than that.”

“I take full responsibility for the results, just as I take full responsibility for everything that happens in the Labour Party under my leadership”

This sounds like Starmer is preparing himself for a massive defeat on Thursday’s by-election. He is already making excuses for his crushing defeat. 

The reason for this defeatist attitude from Starmer is down to recent polling showing the Tories having a massive double-digit lead over the Labour candidate who was once the MP for a neighbouring town. 

The Labour candidate doesn’t have a chance of winning in Hartlepool due to Hartlepool being a massive Brexit coastal town. 

Labour surprisingly put forward a candidate who was pro-EU and fully behind a second referendum, telling those who voted for Brexit they didn’t know what they voted for. 

How do you think labour will do? 

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good labour will not win with staemer as leader