Pro Brexit commentator slams Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal “The risk of BRINO is now higher than at any time since Theresa May presented her fake Brexit deal.”

Political commentator and senior Economist for Briefings for Britain, Harry Western opens up and angrily slams Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal. 

Harry wrote: “Significant new trade deals with third countries remain stuck thanks to protectionist agricultural interests, and regulatory changes have been minimal.

“Worst of all, the government is being sucked towards dynamic alignment with EU agricultural rules thanks to the problems being caused by the Northern Ireland Protocol.

“This threatens to derail Britain’s global ambitions entirely and leave it an economic satellite of the EU.”

Harry Finished by Writing: “Overall, it is clear that the UK’s ‘Global Britain’ rhetoric is not being matched by real action.”

“The government is proving unwilling to make bold strokes on trade or regulation and is drifting towards expedients in the SPS area that would undermine the whole purpose of Brexit.”

“There are elements within government that appear to be strongly pushing this agenda. The risk of BRINO is now higher than at any time since Theresa May presented her fake Brexit deal more than two years ago.”

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Gary Young

What is BRINO ?


BRINO is supposed to mean Brexit In Name Only which ignores the fact tat A we have left the EU and B we were always going to have ot deal with th eEU in exactly they same way we will have to deal with any country that we want to trade with on better conditions that the WTO ones, something hundreds of dountries have done.