Tories election lead halved in the latest Opinium poll. Can the polls be trusted?

In the latest Leftie Observer Poll by Opiniun, the Tories are 5% ahead of Labour, and that’s with a possible bought and paid for bias to make sure the lead over Labour isn’t as big as last week.

The media are now blaming the cut in the Tory lead on last week’s flat Debacle. They are now trying to suggest that people are angry, which is why the lead is halved over Labour in the polls.

Last week in the Times, YouGov had the Tories with an 11 point lead over Labour. Again, Can this poll be trusted when The Times have a liking for the Tories?

Either way, the issue over the flat may have damaged Boris’s lead slightly, but regardless of the flat, people just don’t see Keir as a leader and can’t trust him after his stance on Brexit.

Who do you think will come out on top in next weeks election?

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no they have always been fake voters as you can see with america trump won it not the democrats