Tony Blair spent £285,000 on the Downing Street flat. Was that ever questioned? 

Labour MP, Margaret Hodge, made the case that there is never a free lunch after it come to light that Tony Blair spent £285,000 on the flat without any questions asked.

Margaret was asked, is it one rule for Labour, and one rule for the Tories after it was found that Tony Blair spent far more on the flat compared to Boris.

Margaret made the case that if outside money was spent on the flat, then we need to know where the money came from, and was it in exchange for favours.

The Labour MP continued down the path of wanting transparency from Boris. Was Margaret Hodge this inquisitive when Blair took us into an illegal war with Iraq or when Gordon Brown sold the UK gold reserves and left the country in tatters?

Was Margaret questioning Blair on the legalities of the Iraq war when she voted in favour to invade illegally?

Again its ok to have a go at Boris but when transparency hasnt been dished out before to those incharge in her party, then sounds of bias will creep in.

What’re your thoughts on this?

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bloody hypocrits