MASSIVE NEWS – Unionists unite, taking the UK Government to court after Northern Ireland Protocol was labelled “UNLAWFUL” by the former Northern Ireland Attorney General.

Last night, the leader of Reform UK, Richard Tice, interviewed former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib regarding his legal case against the government over the Northern Ireland Protocol that has since been labelled illegal by the former Northern Ireland Attorney General John Locke.

Ben Habib explained what made him take this case to court. Ben said: “The reason we launched the case was when I asked John Locke and retired former attorney general in Northern Ireland, for a legal opinion, on the matter he didn’t come back as you’d expect most lawyers too, with the kind of qualified ifs and buts sort of opinion.”

“He simply said, this protocol is unlawful, and he set up a number of grads for it.”

“It was the strength of his opinion that gave me the courage. And I underwrote all the costs, as you may know, it gave me the courage to say, right, fine. I’m in it for £200,000 to make this happen.”

When asked how Boris could put this right, Ben said: “I think what needs to happen is that Boris Johnson needs, at some point in his career as prime minister, to face up to the obligations and promises he made and to put the border for customs, it’s not a hard border.”

“No, one’s suggesting military installations put the border for customs on the Island of Ireland. And if he won’t do it, we will get a Supreme court ruling forcing him to do it.”

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