Sadiq Khan called out. If the streets of London aren’t safe, isn’t that a failure?

Sadiq Khan was left red-faced after being called out over his statement made last week. Sadiq Khan said the Streets of London were not safe. This statement collapsed his very own promise made in 2017 where Sadiq said he wanted to make the streets of London safe.

The Mayor of London was pressed on this. He was asked, is this not a failure on your behalf? Sadiq Khan found it hard to respond because this massive failure on street safety in London happened under Khan’s watch. What’re your thoughts on Khan’s record regarding safety on the streets of London?

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eveybody says get rid of kahn he has ruined london and he has also taken tfl money to fund his muslims sadiqe kahn is a verry crafty enamy to the white british people of great britan he is our enamy


Just another liar from a culture that hates our way of life, he’s plainly not interested in ANY OTHER PEOPLE bar his own immigrant COMMUNITIES….


He’s gotta go!
How on earth can this excuse of a man look himself in the mirror each morning before leaving for work?
Knowing that he’s failed London in the most inexcusable way of biting off far far more than he can chew.
He has systematically down played his inability to cater for each and every walk of life in London and the surrounding areas. He’s a little racist that’s been given the power to inflict harm on white communities.