Phillip Schofield tells Matt Wright to stop being a pandemic “PANICKER”.

Phillip Schofield goes on a rant telling Matthew Wright to stop pushing pandemic  panic.

Phillip said he and his show have tried to be extremely careful to not push “hysterical” pandemic fear. Phillip gave an example how the media reported variants as a major threat, only to be told not to worry. 

Matthew Wright said “if we all follow the rules, it will be better for everybody” 

Matthew continued to push his panic saying “‘the catchphrase is ‘I’m not safe until everyone’s safe’, and by everybody we don’t mean everybody in England, or Wales, or Scotland or the United Kingdom but on the whole planet.”

Phillip said life isn’t risk free with a fellow contributor on the show saying we “‘need to learn to live with it, rather than fear it”

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Anne Usher

Matthew Wright….sack him.
Instilling fear on mass is tantamount to control over the masses.
This country is based on freedom of choice, speech and movement.
Mathew Wright is SCAREMONGERING as usual

Brian Jones

So you want him sacked for exercising his right to freedom of speech?