UNREALISTIC? – Boris Johnson to implement a law pushing for a 78% drop in UK greenhouse emissions by 2035.

This week, the UK government is set to place the worlds most ambitious climate change target in law, which promises the UK to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 78% by 2035.

Speaking at the Climate Leaders Summit over video conference, Boris will be alongside his friend, US President Joe Biden, leading the charge.

Boris is expected to say: “The UK has shown that it’s possible to slash emissions while growing the economy, which makes question of reaching net-zero not so much technical as political.

“If we actually want to stop climate change, then this must be the year in which we get serious about doing so. Because the 2020s will be remembered either as the decade in which world leaders united to turn the tide, or as a failure.

“So let’s come to Kunming in October and Glasgow in November armed with ambitious targets and the plans required to reach them. And let the history books show that it was this generation of leaders that possessed the will to preserve our planet for generations to come. 

With all the goodwill in the world, we all know that this push by Boris for a so-called zero net on emissions in the UK will come at a high cost to the way we live.

It wasn’t long ago Bill Gates pushed the idea that to massively cut greenhouse emissions, we need to change the way we farm to eat, especially around meat.

Gates said he is pushing to see the western world-eating synthetic meats, which is grown from chemicals. This may sound far fetched to some, but click here to see the video. 

Even the CNN technical Director, who was recently exposed after he admitted the hateful narratives around Donald Trump was deliberate fake propaganda, has also said the next big narrative is the push on Climate change. Will that be fear mongering fake news? CNN staffer says it is.