Gove in Israel on domestic immunity passport fact finding mission.

Parliament Hill

Today It transpires that Micheal Gove is in Israel on a fact finding mission regarding domestic Immunity passports.

Gove has been meeting up with all the top hierarchy in the Israeli Government including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with the health and foreign ministers.

Gove is in Israel looking at the Israeli green pass system AKA domestic immunity passports.

The government state that no official decision has been made regarding implementing the same system in the UK, but if that was true why would they be over there viewing how their system works?

Some Tory MP’s have publically said that vaccine passports are a go in the UK after they attended a listening exercise on the vaccine passport role out.

As it stands the government are playing to a two pronged plan. First is to find out how the system in Israel works and the second is trying to win over MP’s who have said in recent weeks that they wouldn’t be supporting their plan to implement such a system.

The only people they haven’t asked are those who vote them in, the general public. Do you support this role out?

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NO. Ime a conservative always will be.I dont agree with some things but i think there is enough blind obedience and pressure out there that they will do it. You know as well, why would they not do it especially with the demands of other countries regarding travel. I personally think a domestic one is over controlling.

Brian Joones

What’s the problem? If owners or managers don’t want people who haven’t been vaccinated in their establishments that’s their right so if people want to go in they only need to get a passport. Like the anti mask brigade this is compaining for the sake of compaining. It’s inevitable that some countries will insist on one to enter their countries so if you want tom cut off your nose to spite your face don’t get one.