SHOCKING – Jeremy Vine asks a deliberate racially loaded question about Prince Philips Funeral.

On his shower of a show, Jeremy Vine asked the question: was it a problem that the 30 people who will be attending Prince Philips funeral were all white?

That question was a loaded question digging for one answer. Yet again, the biggest mudslingers in the business are the Mainstream Media.

They love to divide by skin colour, yet we, the British public, have had enough and have grown wise to their racially dividing games.

With Mr Vine asking this question, it looks like even Prince Philips funeral isn’t outbounds of this leftist race bating virtue signalling plastic presenter.

The question that needs to be fired back is, Should Vine be sacked for his disgusting question?

If the shoe was on the other foot, and a racially loaded question came from someone on the right, they would be fired on the spot. So why the different rules for this man?

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its isnt cos he is racist its cos of the anti white crap non whites and yes he should go there are to many people trying to jump on the shit stiring wagon

Anne Usher

Sack the horrible little twerp. Jeremy Vine does not deserve a job


If it was a black man who was having a funeral, and allowed 30 mourners, almost all would be family and probably all black.
This is a white family putting one of their own to rest so of course the majority of the mourners attending will be from that white family.
What the f**k is Vine’s problem with that. His question is racist but because it denigrating whites somehow the MSM look past it.
I won’t be watching BBC coverage.