Legal threat by EU halted before Lord Frost heads to Brussels for discussions on Northern Ireland Protocol.


With talks taking place in Brussels this week, the legal action that the EU took against Britain has been halted for the time being.

The EU’s move happened just before Lord Frost and Vice Commission President meet to discuss tensions in Northern Ireland.

The EU feel that by holding off on expecting a response from Britain around the sent threatening legal letter, this may encourage an outcome regarding a new political agreement.

A spokesman for the UK Government said: “In line with precedent that typically allows two months to respond to proceedings of this kind, we have agreed with the EU that we will respond to the Letter of Formal Notice by mid-May.

“We’ve been clear that the measures we have taken are lawful and part of a progressive and good-faith implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.”

The UK and EU have remained tight-lipped recently on discussions around the Irish Border. This was to try and dampen down the growing tensions.

The UK made a statement regarding Northern Ireland, saying: “Both the UK and EU are engaging with business, civil society and other stakeholders in Northern Ireland, to understand the issues they are facing.

“The UK remains committed to working through the outstanding issues in order to restore confidence on the ground in Northern Ireland, reflect the needs of communities and respect all dimensions of the Belfast Good Friday Agreement.”