Lefty Owen Jones slams Starmer writing he’ll never be Prime Minister.

Owen Jones is usually a full-on Labour advocate, but this time he has turned extremely sour on the current Labour leader before the coming local election.

Owen Jones destroys Starmer by saying: “Labour MPs increasingly fear the party has no vision or direction – and that unless this changes, Keir Starmer is doomed to defeat.”

In his Guardian article, Owen Jones didn’t hold back and rinsed Starmer exposing his lack of vision that would win him, and the left the top seat of PM at the next election.

Owen Jones continued saying: “He now lags behind the Prime Minister on every measure, is no longer more popular than the party he leads, and his support among those who voted Labour in 2019 has sharply deteriorated.

Owen Jones even drops a bombshell statement saying Starmer’s fellow Labour MP’s don’t think he’ll ever be Prime Minister.

Owen said: “However, across their different factions, Labour MPs believe that the leadership is bereft of vision and direction and have increasingly concluded that Starmer will never be prime minister.”

Owen’s article shows the fracture on the left and how much infighting goes on amongst those on the left.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. I don’t believe Labour under Starmer has a cat in hells chance of making ground in the North of England.

Labour under Starmer is so disconnected from the general Joe Bloggs in the street that they are seen as Anti-British.

Labours most prominent politicians past and present have been known to talk down to the general public, like the incident with Emily Thornberry criticising a fellow patriot for proudly flying the St George’s flag, or the incident when Gordon Brown labelled a lady who was a Labour supporter a bigot for having an opinion on immigration.

The left just doesn’t get general folk and what affects them in everyday life, and due to this, they will never make ground in the North or the rest of Britain outside of the M25.

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yes the labour party is racist it was labour who started inviting the imigrants and now they have fucked up the country for all white british people never vote labour and just look at the idiots they have

martin elms

totalitarian ,bureaucratic, unconnected to real working people, history of betrayal, , unacceptable policies local and national, NOT THE PARTY OF WORKING PEOPLE