Boris has days left to respond to EU’s Court action letter over the Northern Ireland Protocol

The EU and UK could be meeting next week in regards to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

After the clashes that have taken place in Northern Ireland, the urgency to get around the table to sort out the technicalities around the Protocol is of the utmost urgency to calm down the situation.

There is still fuel being added to the fire, though, after the UK have only a few days to respond to the EU’s threatening letter of court action after Britain decided to extend the date of implementation of the Northern Ireland protocol.

The legal clash happened after Boris unilaterally extended the date on when the Protocol would be implemented. Boris did all he could to get around the table with the EU to iron out the Protocol’s problem, but the EU refused to meet.

In retaliation, Boris single-handedly extended the implementation date, which angered the EU, with them sending a court action letter.

The EU has been seen as treating Northern Ireland as a sub-state to punish Britain after ongoing trade flow problems across the Northern Ireland Border.

The UK has until the 15th of March to respond to the letter of face court action.


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Best way to respond is to cancel the deal. It’s not been ratified so isn’t fully active and the UK can withdraw.
Let’s go to a fully WTO independent Union.
Still time for a proper Brexit yet.