Piers Morgan tells all: “I was under attack” from Markle. She complained to Ofcom to force me to apologise and go along with her version of events.

In a tell-all interview with Top US Conservative TV host Tucker Carlson, Piers Morgan slammed Markle for trying to force Piers to apologise or lose his job.

Piers opened up, stating Meghan Markle made a personal complaint to the boss of ITV, and Markle, along with Harry, made a personal complaint to Ofcom to force Piers to conform to her version of event regarding the alleged comments in the Opera interview.

Piers said he was being forced to believe her version of events or be labelled a racist.

Mr Morgan said he was under attack from ITV and Ofcom to conform to Markle’s version of events, and because he refused to do so, Piers later that day lost his job.

Piers said as a journalist, he should be able to question her statements’ veracity, and in a democracy, I should have the freedom of speech to do so.

The former GMB host said that he was silenced due to not buying into “Meghan’s truth”.

What’re your thoughts on this? 

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ptricia grantham

i dont belive that liar markle

Hugh Miller

As Prince Philip said of american actresses. You date them, you don’t marry them.


It wasn’t an attack it was defence,. Does Morgan think he can say what he likes and not be challenged?