Historian Ruth Dudley: “The EU, encouraged by the Irish government, cynically set out to weaponise Northern Ireland”

With clashes continuing overnight in Northern Ireland, the EU has had a hand in this frustration that’s now overflowing after doing everything to isolate Northern Ireland, placing a divide in the United Kingdom.

Writing in the Mail online, Historian Ruth Dudley crystallises precisely what went on over the negotiation period and how we got to this point.

Through Ireland, Ruth said the EU had “weaponised Northern Ireland to try and scupper” Brexit.

Ruth said: “During Brexit negotiations, the EU, encouraged by the Irish government, cynically set out to weaponise Northern Ireland to scupper a deal or at the very least heavily punish the British.

“There was a perfectly feasible way through smart technology and a Trusted Trader scheme to have a virtually invisible border on the Irish/EU side.

“But Theresa May and her negotiating team caved into the ludicrously exaggerated warnings about how a land border would lead to a resumption of violence and the death of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

“By the time Boris Johnson took over in December 2019, the pass had been sold.

“And, to get a Brexit deal that worked, he had to agree to an arrangement known as the Northern Ireland Protocol which impedes trade between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

“Out of sheer spite, the EU has chosen to interpret the rules as inflexibly as possible and cause maximum disruption.”

You can see the manipulation coming from the EU and their over the top hunger for power, and disruption, to those who do not follow their orders.

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