Rejoiners join forces with Pan European Group Volt Europa to create a United States of Europe with the return of Britain.


Predominant Rejoiners in the UK have teamed up with fellow Europhiles in the EU to set up the first-ever Pan-European political party.

Their aims are simple, To take the UK back into the EU and achieve their dream of a United States of Europe.

The party in question, the Volt Europa movement, claim to be so-called progressives which these days, in EU terms, means more Europe.

They hope the UK eventually resubmits to rejoin the EU, meaning we take orders from Brussels, making the UK a vassal state.

In the group’s policies, they are pushing for a federalised state, supported by an EU army. They claim the EU is an ever “growing” powerful economic and defence force.

The manifesto reads: “In the long term, Volt envisions the EU acting in a concerted effort on a global scale and, thereby, project its influence more effectively to further human rights, multilateralism and democratic values.

“In accordance with the time-relevance of this doctrine, the EU will be discussed as both a mediator and a major power.

“Ideally, the balance between these roles will shift over time.

“The EU is a rising global force; its growing power will eventually preclude it from being both a neutral problem solver and a pursuer of geopolitical self-interest.

“In considering the current state and/or lack of EU foreign and external policy, and in the context of Volt’s vision for the EU (EU Army, federalised governance, economic powerhouse, etc.), the dual raison d’être is possible as part of a continuum.”

The leader of Rejoin EU said: “Brexit just isn’t working.

“I am putting myself forward in this election because I feel, morally, no father can just stand by and watch the rights of their children being stripped away without taking action, and they’re just aren’t any other voices advocating for what is right in this election.”

What are you thought on this?

3 thoughts on “Rejoiners join forces with Pan European Group Volt Europa to create a United States of Europe with the return of Britain.

  1. Biggest load of rubbish I have ever heard and I have heard some in my time from those numpties on the left the the liebour idiots and the so called Democrats are the same they will hang on anyone’s coat tails. There will be no going back to the eu. They are the ones causing all the trouble at customs for the hauliers changing customs papers and other tricks. Also Boris ought to tell Macron what to do with is eurostar if not we will have to keep bailing it out.
    Also stop their fishermen coming in to pour waters until it is all sorted. They are desomating the Scallops.

  2. This is NOT progressive and NOT in the United Kingdom’s best interests. Wanting to return the United Kingdom to a repessed, subservient vassal EU state is delusional. Rejoiners are negative, ‘Stockholm syndrome’ suffering individuals who cannot truly LOVE the United Kingdom if they still crave the regressive shackles of a parasitic European Union!

    Brexit is NOT the problem!. Brexit WILL make Britain great again!

    The REAL problem is NOT enough Brexit!

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